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Director:   ---
Producer:   Ken Gord
Writer:   Naomi Janzen
Danny   Andrew Baines
Adrian Paul   Duncan MacLeod
Jim Byrnes   Joe Dawson
Rachel Shelley   Sophie Baines
Peter Hudson   Horton/Ahriman
Synopsis:   Highlander enjoyed a run of six series on television achieving cult status in the process. Danny appeared in episode one of the last series (series 6) playing Andrew, the protective younger brother of Sophie Baines. When Sophie comes under the influence of evil itself, in the form of Ahriman, it is Duncan MacLeod who tries to help her. Andrew, believing Mcleod is going to harm his sister, tries to kill the immortal.

Danny has some great scenes in this episode. There are moments of tenderness with Sophie and plenty of aggression aimed at McLeod.
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