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Director:   David Thacker
Producer:   Jill Green, Simon Passmore
Writer:   Anthony Horowitz
Danny   Tony Lucciano
Michael Kitchen   DCS Foyle
David Tennant   Theo Howard
Honeysuckle Weeks   Samantha Stewart
Anthony Howell   Sgt. Paul Milner
Allan Corduner   Carlo Lucciano
Synopsis:   Back to some serious drama as Danny stars alongside Michael Kitchen in an episode of Foyle's War. It's June 1940 and Danny plays Tony Lucciano who works in an Italian Bistro in Hastings. There's a love interest for Danny when he takes a liking to Inspector Foyle's assistant, which is a side issue to main story line.

Foyle's War is memorable for some of Danny's most sensitive acting, especially in the closing scenes.
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