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For further information and stills for a specific programme click on the "More Info" link for that programme.

When this appears in the listing it indicates that we are researching the title as we don't currently have sufficient details to complete the listing and will be updated when possible.

Please note:
The source material for some of Danny's more obscure performances can be hard to track down, and in some cases the image quality leaves a lot to be desired. We appologise for this and will continue to seek better source material. In these circumstances we think poor quality is better than none at all.
Eastenders 2013 Researching
Hollyoaks Later 2013 Researching
Power to the People 2013 Researching
Plebs (Gladiator) 2013 Researching
Casualty (Love Is) 2012 Researching
I Believe in UFO's 2010 More Info
Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men 2008 More Info
Kiss of Death 2008 More Info
Real Football Factories International 2007 Researching
Skins 2007 More Info
Hotel Babylon 2007 More Info
All In The Game 2006 More Info
Real Football Factories 2006 More Info
Rose & Maloney 2005 Researching
M.I.T Murder Investigation Team 2005 Researching
Family Business 2004 Researching
Second Generation 2003 More Info
Serious and Organised 2003 Researching
Dead Casual 2002 Researching
Foyle's War 2002 More Info
Highlander 1997 More Info
Soldier Soldier 1997 More Info
Bramwell 1997 More Info
Heartstones 1996 Researching
Thief Takers 1996 More Info
Loving 1995 Researching
Loved Up 1995 More Info
The Ward 1995 More Info
A Touch of Frost 1995 More Info
Cadfael 1994 More Info
Prime Suspect 31993More Info

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