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Director:   David Blair
Producer:   Mark Shorrock
Writer:   Martin Skellman (Screenplay), Brian Ward (Screenplay)
Production:   Little Wing Films
Danny   Joe Public
Matthew Rhys   Darren Daniels
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio   Natasha Fox
John Hurt   Vince
David Soul   Harvey
Art Malik   Philip Radcliffe
Synopsis:   Darren Daniels is a deeply insincere talk show host whose show "Tabloid TV" uncovers the darkest secrets of even the most virtous celebrity guest. Every personality is queuing up to be seen on the russian roulette of talk shows, despite the one-in-five chance of humiliation. Darren is introduced to the malevolent Vince who leads him on an erotic romp that concludes with terrifying violence. Can Darren escape his own sinister skeleton in the closet, or will he become the ultimate victim of his own creation. (synopsis courtesy 21st Century Pictures)

Danny plays Joe Public who is both the MC on the live set of the "Tabloid TV" show and also does a voice over during the movie. Sadly this is a rarely seen film that is hard to find, yet it shows an accomplished and subtle side to Danny's acting, a worthy addition to his professional portfolio.
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