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Director:   Christopher Smith
Producer:   Jason Newmark, Kevin Loader
Writer:   James Moran, Christopher Smith
Production:   Dan Films, Qwerty Films
Danny   Steve
Laura Harris   Maggie
Tim McInnerny   Richard
Toby Stephens   Harris
Claudie Blakley   Jill
Andy Nyman   Gordon
Babou Ceesay   Billy
David Gilliam   George
Synopsis:   A masterful blend of horror, gore and humour. Director Christopher Smith has created a movie that holds its own against anything in the genre.

A group of employees from an armament company are sent on a team building weekend into the wilds of Hungary. Lurking in the darkness are a bunch of Russian psychopaths with a score to settle. Cue mayhem and death on a very personal basis as one by one the employees come to a very gruesome end.
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