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Director:   Richard Nockles, Marlowe Fawcett
Producer:   Richard Nockles, Marlowe Fawcett, Ali Goldstone, Tiffany Whittome
Writer:   Richard Nockles, Marlowe Fawcett
Production:   Momentum Pictures
Danny   Mark
Gillian Kearney   Holly
Vinnie Jones   The Boss
Mark Lynch   Alan O'Luan
Jonathan Broke   John Smith-Jones
Synopsis:   The scene is set, Portugal during the 2004 European Championships, Mark and Holly are newlyweds and on their honeymoon, but can Mark get to see all of England's games without his new bride finding out?

A light hearted romantic comedy with excellent lead performances from both Danny and Gillian. It has bags of atmosphere and some beautiful location shots. Add to this plenty of humour, a touch of tenderness and a whole load of guilt and you have a cracking, rather quirky fun movie.
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