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Director:   Barry Skolnick
Producer:   Matthew Vaughn
Writer:   Tracy Keenan Wynn
Production:   Brad Grey Pictures
Danny   Billy the Limpet
Matthew Rhys   Darren Daniels
Vinnie Jones   Danny Meehan
David Hemmings   Governor
David Craig   Doc
Geoff Bell   Ratchett
Synopsis:   Danny Meehan is a world class professional footballer banned from playing after accusations of match fixing and jailed for three years for assault. The corrupt prison governor wants Meehan to use his skill to train the semi-professional prison guards team with the aim of winning the league and making him loads of money. Instead Meehan agrees to train a team of cons to play against the guards in a pre-season warm up.

Danny plays con Billy the Limpet, always eager to please and keen to participate. Although he fumbles his way through Meehan's tough training he comes good in the end.

This is a delightful mix of comedy and drama with Danny supplying some great moments in an excellent remake of a classic film.
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