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Director:   Mel Smith
Producer:   Uri Fruchtmann, Barnaby Thompson
Writer:   Darren Boyd
Production:   Fragile Films, Touchstone Pictures
Danny   Danny
Minnie Driver   Shannon
Mary McCormack   Frances
Kevin McNally   Mason
Michael Gambon   Kerrigan
Mark Williams   Tremaine
Synopsis:   Here's Danny as the cheeky east end crook with a twinkle in his eye that makes you think he's not really as bad as he thinks he is. He's part of a gang that get overheard doing a robbery, which leads Mary McCormack and Minnie Driver to try and blackmail them with both hilarious and tragic consequences.

This is a stylish movie from Mel Smith with some superb performances. Danny plays Danny, a bit of a bungler who should definately give up using a mobile phone!
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