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  Welcome to Danny's website.

I launched this website way back in 2002, just as a young 24 year old Danny was emerging into the public conciousness. 15 years later and the website is going strong and Danny's journey has led him to become one of Britains top personalities. This website aims to highlight some of that journey.


Thumbs up for Dani, a spirited girl who knows where her loyalties lie. Her courage and determination to stand up for the father she knows and loves, in the face of predictable press hostility, is to be applauded, well done. Sadly the same can't be said of some family members and "friends" who have wasted no time in jumping on the press media wagon to have their moment in print.

As Editor of this website I have met Danny on dozens of occasions over many years, he has always been friendly and accessible to his fans, genuine and grateful for their support and never acting in an inappropriate way. He is not the person certain newspapers would have you believe and this current press frenzy is a disgraceful attempt to create headlines by systematically besmirching Danny's character.

It never ceases to amaze me what some people will do for a little bit of money or five minutes of fame, what weird sort of pleasure do they get from trying to publicly humiliate people, perhaps itís a testament to their own dreary little lives.

Just remember the simplest things can be elevated in status by a skilled writer and little of what one reads bears much resemblance to reality once "they" have suitably coloured it. Danny is an accomplished actor and a very nice bloke, it's just a pity lesser talented individuals have to resort to smut and innuendo instead of intelligent and factual reporting.

When the dust settles it will be interesting to see who the next victim is!

Chris Andrews
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After three very busy years on the set of Eastenders, Danny has decided to take a short well earned rest. Enjoy your break.

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